Skyblock Showdown

A thrilling island themed live competition for the Verizon and Xbox All Access Event that saw 32 streamers compete in teams of 4 to win a chunk of the $40,000 prize pool.

Skyblock Showdown is a unique twist on the popular Minecraft gamemode: Skyblock, adding challenges and minigames which teams must progress through to reach the final boss… But watch out! Other teams can use setbacks to make sure they win first.

Starfish Studios worked up until the day of the event, developing the experience and ensuring everything ran seamlessly for creators as well as their viewers.

Skyblock Showdown Render Lobby 04
Skyblock Showdown Render Lobby 03

Creator Quotes

“One of the best Minecraft events I have ever played in”

“Dope event! Incredibly unique and fun!”

“Everything ran flawlessly, was a blast!”

Skyblock Showdown Render Lobby 02

What was it?

Starfish prototyped, created, and developed the entire event in partnership with Xbox and Verizon (produced by in just a few months. Skyblock Showdown was a unique spin on the classic Minecraft gamemode Skyblock. Our event provided creators with an exciting playthrough of Skyblock by having them progress through challenges and custom minigames designed for all skill levels. Creators raced through the challenges, competing live for a total prize pool of $40,000. It’s not as easy as it sounds, teams could utilize setbacks using a custom system to send chaos to opponents islands and ensure their victory as they race to complete the thirty seven unique challenges.

What was unique about it?

This event was especially different from all other Minecraft live events previously done. Starfish Studios imagined and executed a brand new concept, in which players would be faced with challenges and minigames that mirror a Minecraft playthrough, condensed into a small, and action packed time-span.

What did we do?

Starfish ideated, built, and developed the entire experience. From the custom levels, to the custom minigames and systems such as setbacks, and we even hosted it on our own servers with security measures to prevent DDoS attacks. Starfish Administrated the event to make sure everything ran smoothly during all play tests as well as the final event day.

Skyblock Showdown Render Parkour 01

So, who played?

  • SmallAnt
  • Feinberg
  • Mysticat
  • Linkus7
  • DrLupo
  • FalseSymmetry
  • Couriway
  • HBomb94
  • Awesamdude
  • Seapeekay
  • Hannaxxrose
  • AlarmingAmber
  • REverse2k
  • Antfrost
  • Alixxa
  • itskitdy
  • Loeya
  • emijuju
  • Pgod
  • NicolaiFN
  • yorkalisson
  • Aimsey
  • Jojosolos
  • highkeyhateme
  • ggacho_
  • chibnidokii
  • nagzz21
  • ravinkarusu
  • MeoMoonified
  • bydavo
  • Slyveemhm

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